Today, exactly four months ago, was the most perfect day of my life. First, we waited for nine hours in front of the hotel to see Gaga. We also saw Lacee and sang “Happy Birthday” to her, and then Tara waved at me from the car. Gaga came out, and she was so tiny and beautiful. I touched her jacket but I unfortunately I couldn’t take a picture with her. After she’d driven away, we went to the Berghain club in Berlin. We knew that we couldn’t get inside, so we just waited outside to see what would happen, but the security guards told us to go away, we wouldn’t get inside anyway. So, we left the property but stood in front of the club, still. And suddenly, the security guard came back and told us: "You can all get inside if you keep calm". I was an emotional mess by then. It was like a dream coming true, I could see Gaga again! While queueing up, a woman from Universal asked us if we knew why we suddenly got inside. We said no, and she told us: "We asked Gaga and she wanted us to take you inside to party with her." My life was done by then. After we got inside we searched for a nice spot in front of the stage and then she came. My heart stopped beating when Aura started playing. We were the first people in the world to hear ARTPOP. Gaga was partying with us, Tara came on stage and celebrated, and also Freddy and Lacee came. When GUY was playing, I catched a hat that Gaga threw into the audience (I still got the hat!!!). It was the most perfect time of my life. We all only knew the snippets that had been released until then, but sang along to the parts we already knew. It was so intimate. It was only Gaga, me and other 160 monsters. Especially Dope & Gypsy were really emotional, not only for us but also for Gaga and Tara because they both started crying. After we heard the album, the Q&A with the monsters started. After that, Gaga came back on stage to perform Gypsy for the first time. You can see that performance here (you can see me in the beginning when the interviewer is talking!!) That was when she waved at me.
I know you guys probably think I’m exaggerating, but it was honestly the best night of my life. Seeing Gaga so near in front of me, on that little stage, partying with all the other monsters and having the time of my life was seriously the best thing that ever happened to me. I could always start crying out of happiness when I see the performance. I will never forget this night. Thank you, Gaga, Thank you, AMPYA.

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